Effective Guide in Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

What do you think is the best digital marketing agency? You can tell it is the best if it has to offer a lot of digital marketing services, it has received a lot of testimonials, and it is culturally fit. Nonetheless, there’s still more to consider. Below is an effective guide to choosing a digital marketing agency Brisbane to make the journey easier for your way. 

Reviews, Testimonials, and Case Studies

There must always be proof when choosing one. If there’s a lack of proof, it could mean to say a red flag. But then, there are talented and good agencies that are lacking some marketing strategies. This is because they are busy serving clients. Also, they just depend on referrals and word-of-mouth. They must indeed muster this solid proof. But then, do not just depend on the reviews received on Google. You better ask them in providing examples and proof. 


Understand the agency and the value it can offer to another. In the end, it’s the value that matters. Know the price of social media management like monitoring social channels and posting some content. Know as well if the price is the same with social media marketing. Consider these two significant price points. 

Competency in the Marketing Strategy

If there is no effective digital marketing strategy when considering digital marketing, it can turn out inefficient and wasteful. Considering owning an in-house strategy, nothing is worse as compared to an agency not understanding or providing additional value to your strategy. Since marketers have so many things to do, agencies must have strategies helpful and competent enough in considering marketing plan, including meeting the business needs. 

Focus on the Metrics

The digital marketing agency in Brisbane must have a strong focus on pushing the needle for the organization. This would mean emphasizing the metrics and the KPIs. At their website, they must mention the data and the metrics, conversations, and proposals.


There is a difference between a one-size fits all agency and a business with specialization. The agency must have the ability in delivering multiple services following the clientele’s needs. It must also have a holistic and large strategy to implement. It does not somehow mean that the agency won’t excel in many services. Nonetheless, there are areas you would want to focus on. 

Another digital marketing agency in Brisbane specializes in creative and artistic design. Others would also concentrate in user experience design, creating user-centered and more functional designs. This is also supported by user research, artificial intelligence, and heatmap data instead of more art-focused and more subjective ideas, including trends. 

You could also tell the type of digital marketing agency in Brisbane with their homepage, as you see the glamour and the glitz. You could gauge their specialty in the design. Agencies with a strong focus on UX design would pay attention to more results. Metrics and KPIs would move the needle in the organization, and the customers and users. This is instead of impressing the internal marketing executives and teams. 

In the beginning, ask them if they are a UX design firm or a creative design firm. They would say both but you still have to examine their portfolio, and service offerings, including case studies. Others would have strong internal technology teams and others would have their contract. If there’s a complex application or website, there’s a higher risk of handing it to a less-technical agency. This is not just for the budget, delivery, and quality of the end result but likewise, the future-proof technology and maintainability long-term. This will also land you into technical debt that can deplete the marketing budget.

Moreover, you better inquire the agency if they could outsource or contract their projects. Know if they have particular platform specializations. SEO would boil down to writing high-quality content matching the people’s intention of searching. The content to write must have the so-called intent strategy or the keyword strategy. The agency must do this for you. This may seem possible over time but always know that the best results would occur if the agency understands SEO. Know that SEO would work best if the content created is a partnership between an in-house team and an agency. 

In addition to that, ask the agency about its philosophy and SEO process. Once they say they will do everything for you, but there’s an expert and in-house team on specific topics allowing you to write higher-quality content, you must then question their trustworthiness and motives. 

Content marketing somehow has an SEO relevance. This is a particular method of establishing the content and ranking it through inbound marketing. It must also then be linked from some websites. This can either be in link building, intentional outreach, and natural means. The content must also ideally promote the so-called lead generation and as linked to email marketing. This will be considered as a specialized skill set. This is also if the agency is doing the website and the digital strategy while you’re getting the picture. 


While some people would say that bigger is often better, the reality is that the smaller agencies are deemed more effective. The smaller ones would consider a lot. They would also provide for a more unique and more personal experience. They would take time in answering other people’s queries and meeting clients on a one-on-one basis. Thus, clients like you would have a more unique approach with a smaller company instead of one using a similar strategy for clients.


See to it that the digital marketing agency in Brisbane is backed by a good record of success. There are lots of firms that exist for just several years. This is also other than their reputation and their years of operating. Consider the industries they are serving. For instance, a mental health clinic may benefit from a healthcare marketing agency’s services with years of experience in the medical industry rather than a genetic marketing firm allaround. Choose one backed with experience in the industry, ensuring the best marketing plan possible.

So, follow this guide when making it easier to choose the right digital marketing agency in Brisbane!