Why dogs are considered our best friends?




One of the strongest yet the most affectionate animal in the world, our canine friend, the dog whom we call by various names. The friend that never betrays us no matter what the situation is. As told by King Frederick of Prussia in 1789. From there on, the name roses to fame intensively that the poem being published later on by Ogden Nash about an introduction to dogs which stated that the “the dog is man’s best friend with tail at one end and four legs underneath with teeth at the front”.

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Have you ever thought about why dogs are considered as man’s best friend? There lie many theories behind that. Some say that dogs are such and such. But the actual story lies in the simple fact that dogs are the symbol of loyalty. There are several reasons behind such stature for our mighty friend who can express his feelings. Have a look.


  • They don’t judge– one of the biggest disgraces to modern society is their mentality of judging each other. While humans are among this category, our canine friend is way ahead of all these issues. They don’t judge humans and serve as a selfless bond with us. One of the prime reason why they are the key source of companionship with us that can never let anybody touch us with the wrong intent.


  • Dogs have terrible short-term memories- in life, we go through various stages that can harm our canine friend such as touching them inappropriately or not bestowing them with food on time. But on the other hand, if you treat them right, they will rightly forget everything and pay back their loyalty to their best that you will find soothing and cherish. Such is the stature of our best friend you can’t resist having one pet at home.

This doesn’t entirely go only for our pet dogs. The common example lies in our terrain as well. The street where we are living, stray dogs being the most prevalent. We generally shoo them away from our site once we see them. On the other hand, if we cuddle them, they will forget everything and get back to us like never before.


  • Dogs can mimic your emotions- humans are bound with several emotions. Some being depressed while some suffer from anxiety and another being at high adrenaline rush. Dogs are the ones who can easily judge it and let your mood be on the lighter mode by doing several activities like gazing at you with adoring eyes, trying to be playful with you, etc.

They can easily let you overlook everything for a while and sway up in his subtle fur. The genuine friend you can deny one at home.


  • Dogs act as mini-dishwashers- if you have a nag of leaving some food after eating then don’t worry, hand over your plate to your canine dog and he will act as the mini dishwashers cleaning every inch of the plate using his tongue as the scrubber.

This will also ease the hunger of our pet and you don’t require additional food for him. This is a great advantage of having dogs at home and reason being it’s called our best friend. Still, better not to leave everything in the dog’s hand due to several bacterial infections.


  • Dogs are great motivational tools– one of the major motivators in the global arena, the dogs that can bestow with tremendous motivation. The way they do their task efficiently like searching for their foods and chasing small animals around shows their hard-working attitude towards us sum up everything about their nature and learning from their nature, we can even do persistent hard work and can exceed greatly in our life.

Their playful nature around where they cuddle with us or chase the ball seems a great motivation for a human being that can let every person be lost in the world of games.


  • They are never moody- one of the major qualities in every dog irrespective of their background as stray or pet dog is their ability to never let swinging off their mood no matter what the situation is. This ability makes them unique and persistent to a human being in loving them with a full unconditional approach.

Dog no matter how hyper they are, one of the prime things that we see in their nature that they never lose their tempo to the extreme level. That is where they are so good at. They are always neutral.


  • Dogs know how to live- that basic difference between urban and rural areas lies in their responsibility level. Generally, rural area natives are more responsible compared to urban people.

But if you consider the dog in this scenario, then one thing is sure that they know how to live. Even the stray pups get matured very early. Here maturity is been referred to as their ability to learn how to live during the early stages of their life.

That is the basic reason why dogs are been considered as the animal who knows how to live. Not restricted only to dogs, even for any animal around. These key things should be learned by us.

Not to get deviated from the topic, dogs are known to be the most intelligent animals in our society. This ability makes them an ideal pet who doesn’t require much maintenance, unlike other animals.


Briefing the entire content, in short, it is worth saying that dogs are called the animal’s best friend due to several more reasons. The above points are just the trailer. The actual picture is yet to come. Their qualities can’t be explained in a single word.

Thank you for your precious time readers. Stay tuned for much more. Till then enjoy the sip of coffee with your furry friend.