Samsung customer care service

Why does Customer Care Service Play an Important Role While Buying Refrigerator?

Purchasing a new refrigerator is always a special occasion. Factors such as brand, capacity, features, durability, design and energy star ratings should be considered while buying refrigerators. However, customer care service is one factor that’s often neglected. Many times home appliances like refrigerators require maintenance, repairs or other technical support. In such cases, the customer care service provided by your refrigerator brand becomes vital. 

For example, if your Samsung fridge stops cooling due to some internal issue, your food would get stale and wasted if it is not repaired in due time. Efficient Samsung customer care support ensures the aid of professional technicians direct to your home within no time and your fridge will be repaired without any issue. Furthermore, if your fridge is in the warranty period, you won’t be charged for the repair. 

On the other hand, if the manufacturer offers unprofessional service, they might make you wait on the call to address your issue. Furthermore, customers might face punctuality issues with such companies, leaving you at the behest of local technicians whose skill level remains in question. 

Thus, good customer service is important when evaluating buying a refrigerator online, for the long lifespan of your appliance and a smooth, trouble-free experience for you. This stands valid whether you own a basic single-door Whirlpool refrigerator or a high-end LG refrigerator (double door) model. Let us find out the refrigerator brands that are known for the best customer care service in India. 


LG is a market leader in refrigerators in India as the brand enjoys immense popularity among customers around the country. One of the primary reasons behind the brand’s popularity is the impeccable customer satisfaction that it strives to provide. 

The brand’s motto, ‘Life’s Good’ is kept through its commitment to keep its customers satisfied through quality products and unmatched customer service. You are just a few clicks away from contacting LG customer care support for everything you require ranging from parts to accessories, warranty information and owner’s manuals.

You can contact LG customer care service while buying their refrigerator. They provide polite, courteous and expert executives who can help you with all your service issues and other requirements.

You can reach their customer support through WhatsApp, phone calls, LG chat box and email. Furthermore, the LG India website allows the option to escalate the issue directly to the CEO’s office. Their website also offers the option of requesting service and tracking the status of your request. They have a huge network of service centres spread in a large number of cities.

You can also request service and track the status of your request on the website. LG also has a wide network of service centres spread across numerous cities in India. Hence, you never have to stress about your LG fridge breaking down as you can be assured of the brand’s incredible customer support.


Whirlpool is a household name in India, as the brand has served millions of consumers for decades with its reliable and trustworthy products such as refrigerators and washing machines. 

The American brand has made commendable strides in providing a high degree of customer satisfaction through its product lineup as well as dependable customer care service. Whirlpool refrigerators are noted for their innovative features and functional design elements such as the IntelliSense technology, AI microprocessor refrigerators and their capacity to optimise the temperature according to the food items kept inside the fridge.

According to Consumer Complaints, a prominent Indian consumer complaints forum, Whirlpool customer care India provides incredible customer support service, responds to all customer notifications and promptly addresses most user complaints. With a widespread service centre network spread across every nook and corner of the country, Whirlpool will address all your problems associated with refrigerators.


Samsung enjoys a huge customer fanbase in India, making it one of the top-notch appliance brands in the country. The Korean brand has reached the pinnacle based on exceptional product innovations and dependability. Today, Samsung produces some of the best refrigerators in the market that boast world-class features and unpaired performance.

Additionally, the brand has succeeded in providing unparalleled after-sales support across all its product categories including smartphones and refrigerators. According to a survey, Samsung’s customer care service received a stellar rating of 81% from the participants. Samsung has one of the largest and most widespread networks in terms of service centre networks among rival brands in India.

Thus, you are very likely to find a Samsung customer care center even in remote towns. Moreover, the brand provides easy accessibility to its customer support, dependable service professionals and quick resolution of issues. Additionally, the brand has a robust AMC and warranty service where one call to Samsung refrigerator customer care allows a repair visit in no time.

Thus, you can count on LG, Whirlpool, Samsung and Godrej for stellar after-sales support for their refrigerators. In addition, you can research a huge variety of refrigerators including Whirlpool, Bosch, Godrej and LG fridges.  However, your final decision should definitely be taken after putting a special emphasis on customer care service.