Learning The Fine Line Between Self-Confidence And Arrogance With Chintan k Patel

When you have started to gain a certain amount of influence over the others, there will be times when you would like to take a step back from the popularity as well. These moments are important as they bring a certain amount of clarity to your life as well. You have to keep your grasp on your reality when you are hoping to bring at least some sort of the positive change in your real life. Chintan k Patel has realized this when he has posted regular images on the Instagram platform about his likes and dislikes. The emotion behind most of the images which seem to showcase arrogance is not true. Let us see what Chintan has to say in this matter.

The Perfect Image Of Athletic Prowess

Recently, one of the images that have been shared by Chintan k Patel has gained a huge amount of popularity among his followers. The image has shown the young man sitting on a dusty trail with his skateboard held upright. Chintan k Patel is dressed in a royal blue shirt which exemplifies his good looks as well. As the image has been taken from a side profile, it is quite clear that his jawline has received some special attention. He has also put on some ripped jeans with white sneakers peeking from the front. The cobbled street looks like it has been a scene taken out from a Hollywood movie set. The skateboard is held under one of his feet and it is standing upright due to lever movement. Like most of the other images which Chintan Patel has shared before, this also throws light on this athletic prowess as well.

Behavior Towards The Friends

Now let us come to the caption which accompanies the image. The caption states that the young man does not wish to be rude to anyone else. He is in his own attitude and he wishes to continue with the same behavior. He has also mentioned that this behavior is not related to his rudeness towards others. Chintan k Patel has mentioned this as he is always in the company of someone or another. His behavior towards his friends has always mattered to him quite a lot.

This is an important lesson which must be learned by most of the people in their lives. Chintan k Patel has been very open about the relationships that he has with his friends and family members. This is essential as most of the time, people have to build relationships with friends around them. There is a very famous saying that spirit is thicker than blood. It means that people you communicate with in your life other than your family will be more important than those with whom you have been associated with blood.

Self-Confidence Boosted With Chintan Patel

Chintan k Patel has learned this message in his life the hard way. He has mentioned this on his Instagram profile as well so that the feelings of his loved ones are not hurt with his posts. It is quite clear that the man is not arrogant but rather has a store of self-confidence within himself. This is quite endearing to learn for those who have been following him for a long time. 

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