Stickman Squad – Join the Elite Force and Complete Missions

A crowd of renegade stickmen has started to invade the jungle and kill people. It’s up to you to lead your army to victory in this exciting action game.

Take on over 20 new unconventional missions that put your sniping skills to the test! Complete these missions to earn money and improve your weapon.


The game’s main story takes you to a number of different missions that generally revolve around shooting people in the head with pinpoint accuracy. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t fire some shots with other weapons too.

Discover unrivaled sniping freedom across enormous levels of stunning scenery and challenging environments in the latest entry to the award-winning Sniper Elite series from Rebellion Developments. From sun-drenched Mediterranean coastal towns to ancient forests, colossal Nazi megastructures and a terrifying new enemy threat, covert marksman Karl Fairburne must use all his skill to liberate wartime Italy from Fascism.

Among the most notable additions to the franchise is the return of the X-Ray Kill Cam and more environmental take downs. The Rubble and Ruin map is an especially interesting example, offering multiple vantage points amidst the ruins of a city and lots of verticality to keep enemies from knowing what you are up to. There is also a mission called Wolf Mountain, which tasks you with assassinating Hitler, though it is only available as DLC.


In this action-packed third person shooter game you’ll be in the role of a police specialized squad on a mission to intercept and shoot any fear monger Stickman prisoners that are trying to get away from prison. Complete the over 60 missions with multiple difficulty levels across 20 breath-taking maps. Earn in-game cash and use it to unlock new weapons for your trusted rifle.

Become part of the elite force and join 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (SFOD-DELTA) to take on a range of official and unofficial missions. Official missions are the tasks that have been assigned to the SFOD-DELTA team by their superiors, while unofficial missions are those that occur while the SFOD-DELTA members are off duty.

Every bullet counts in this exciting sniping saga featuring two appealing anti-heroes; Tactical Sniper Damien Walker and Assault Weapon Specialist Ron Hawkins on a twisting lead to save the world. Embark on a breakneck journey across battlegrounds around the globe and discover an over the top story that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This latest act offers a variety of new sniping missions, more weapons to unlock and upgrade as well as an all-new shooting range to practice your skills.


The Army’s Green Berets take on some of the toughest missions in the world. Whether they’re infiltrating behind enemy lines, hunting terrorists or training guerrilla armies, these elite warriors use their expertise to defy convention.

Become a Green Beret in this military-themed action game, where you’ll play as Ron Hawkins or Damien Walker. These two appealing anti-heroes have very different personalities but are both world-class snipers. Sift through hordes of bad guys in 20+ unique missions across the globe, each with multiple levels of difficulty.

Every shot counts in this exciting shooter. Complete missions to earn experience and money. Spend your earnings on new weapons and upgrades. Then, challenge friends to see who can score the highest on each mission. Earn the most rewards and become a legend in the war on terror. Then boast about your success to your friends! This is a free-to-play mobile app. You can also enjoy this game on your PC or Mac.


In this game you can enjoy more than 20 new unconventional assignments that require a different approach to complete. Complete each task successfully to gain money and purchase more powerful weapons for your gun. Each task has a list of objectives you must fulfill with your sniper rifle. Before each mission you must calibrate your weapon to compensate for wind and distance range. Once you have the perfect aim you can shoot your target from a safe distance. The sequel of the popular saga featuring world-class sniper Damien Walker and assault specialist Ron Hawkins! Take part in an over the top action-adventure with a witty story.