Everything About Love Tarot Cards

People fall for one another due to their emotional connection or physical similarity. Still, some may argue that it is because they feel more comfortable with that person. According to tarot card readers, there are lots of factors that go into “falling in love” that might sometimes be difficult, and some tarot cards show the most accurate love tarot reading. Visit a respectable tarot reader in India today for a consultation.

Factors like physical chemistry, sexual attraction, and common interests stoke that initial fire. Loving someone from the heart is a hard human talent that involves both conscious and unconscious elements.

There are fundamental reasons why people want love, although we may attribute chemistry and attraction (pheromones, biology, etc.) as the reason for falling for someone. Since it empowers us to create meaning in our lives, discuss them with others, and enrich them, humans are programmed to seek connection. Let us talk about the tarot cards of relationships.

Two of Cups

Two of Cups show respect for each other. The ancient emblem of business, trade, and exchange is the Caduceus of Hermes, a winged staff having twin serpents coiled around it, floating above them. The card is a symbol of passion and sexual energy between two persons and is also among the best love tarot reading one can attain.

Ten of Cups

A couple can be seen holding hands, and seeing their two kids are playing with the greeting card. They turn to see a beautiful rainbow formed from 10 cups in the sky.

The couple has everything they may want, which includes a house, kids, and a successful love relationship. This card is considered essential in a tarot reading of the love life. This is so because each card’s minor details have a special relevance.

For instance, the home is a representation of safety, the rolling hills stand in for family fertility, and the river depicts the constant flow of emotions. The rainbow is a symbol of many feelings and circumstances in life, like grief and happiness.

Knight of Cups

Among many love tarot cards with significant relevance is the knight of cups. The middle of the cards features a knight figurine holding a golden cup. This is an indication that some news or an important message has come. The knight is dressed in a robe and armor adorned with fish motifs.

The horse that is there in this tarot card walks gently and slowly. It emanates a feeling of peace and harmony compared to the Knight of Wands or the Knight of Swords.

 The Empress

A full-figured woman having golden hair who radiates tranquillity is the Empress. The twelve-star crown showcases her connections with the magical world or the cycles of the universe (the 12 months and the 12 planets). Pomegranates symbolize fertility and are adorned on her shawl, draped over a lavish collection of pillows and flowing red velvet.

Venus symbolizes creativity, beauty, passion, grace, fertility, and the spirit of the lady is showcased on one cushion.

The Emperor

The emperor is the representation of experience, power, and riches in the tarot reading of anyone’s love life. A father figure is what the emperor is depicted as. The older person is loved and respected. The red cloak symbolises his perseverance, ambition, and enthusiasm for life. The armour appears to be shielding him from harm. His golden crown and long white beard represent his wisdom and experience dating back thousands of years, and he expects to be heard.

The Lovers

Also called the soulmate card, the Lovers is the 6th card in the tarot deck’s Major Arcana sequence. The card is commonly used in tarot readings by tarot card readers for love relationships.

In the middle of the card is a duo. Also seen is Raphael, the angel of the air. Being the representation of Gemini may reflect it is an air zodiac, and it is the ruler of this card. The couple is holding hands and gazing deeply into each other’s eyes. They are in a lush, green setting, and an apple tree has a snake climbing it.

The snake and apple tree signify the separation from God or religion that might happen because of sexual enticement.

Final Thoughts

The best love tarot reading signifies an auspicious time for you to follow romantic interests in the future, says the best tarot reader. A love reading through an online tarot card reader is among the most common tarot readings. The love life of many can become hectic; thus, any indication that things are going great might help them be at ease.