Advantages of Air Freight

Basically, air freight (or air cargo) allows the transport of goods quickly by air. Shipping cargo by air has always been a high-cost-to-weight form of shipment, countered by the fact that it’s the fastest way to transport goods internationally.

It is well known that air freight shipping offers shippers fast and flexible transport services for anyone sending their cargo internationally. Air Freight Australia is particularly useful for time-sensitive or urgent cargo that would lose its value if not delivered very quickly. 

The only drawbacks of such a service would be freight costs, limits on cargo types, sizes and weights, and inclement weather that can delay such a shipment.


Air freight can be consolidated into consoles. Consolidating freight with other shippers is used mostly for more cost-efficient ways due to economies of scale. (It can however take some time to pair up or go with a group shipment.)

When the goods are shipped, you will require a master airways bill (WAWB). Essentially this is a note issued by an airline (or authorized agent) that shows evidence of the contract of carriage. It actually works like a Bill of Lading. 

General cargoes 

General and special cargoes are the two types of cargo in the shipping business. General cargo includes high-value goods (electronics, jewelry, and pharmaceuticals).

Air shipping is more expensive than shipping by sea, but due to the high margins and the fact that many electronic goods are fragile, air freight is the most appropriate form of transport.

Special cargoes

Special cargo on the other hand, requires special conditions for transporting goods, such as temperature control, certain air conditions or protected casing (hazardous goods or livestock, for instance).

Some goods are totally forbidden to be transported by air. This includes lithium batteries, power supplies or power banks, illegal goods, firearms, flammable substances, explosives and bio-chemical products.)

Cargo classification notwithstanding, air freight is still the fastest mode of shipping, nationally and internationally. Shippers, however, also consider the other advantages air freight affords them when shipping their goods.

High speed

Air freight is considered the most ideal among the many modes of goods transport, especially in long distances in a short period. 

With the speed, the transport of products that can be achieved cannot be substituted by any other mode, especially in times of urgent needs.

Perishable goods transport

Air transport is the most suitable for transporting perishable goods that do not have a long shelf life. 

No infrastructureinvestment

Air freight does away with the requirement of any capital-intensive investments in ports construction, or tracks for railways of trains. 

Ease of access

Air freight is accessible in all areas regardless of landscape obstructions. This is not possible for many other transport modes. 

Reduced damage risk

When the shipping is done by air and speedy, there is less handling of items during transit. Among others, air freight shipping is by far very safe and has a low degree of damage risk.  

Global flexibility for shipping

When air transport was introduced, there were several locations that were opened to dispatch. In major transport networks, marine vehicles and land transport were relied on. 

Smaller countries in the world were overlooked. Now, there are multiple doors opened and then there is more reach than ever and more clients are served. 

Consistency in arrivals and departures

With the help of airline services, you can track your goods and follow its promised delivery time.You will know which plane and when it will go away and when it will land. With land or sea transport, your package can be anywhere until you reach a big goal.

Reliable air traffic services

Typically, you know that your goods are processed by professionals who know where they are destined to go. This is after choosing qualified and experienced representative carrier at affordable prices.

Aside from the built-in advantages, you also have the add-on benefits of air freights.

Speed and reliability

Most shippers know that the biggest advantage one gains when shipping air cargo is speed. Some of these are as fast as same-day delivery.  This is the fastest shipping times that this mode of transportation offers. 

The added benefit is that the arrival and departure times are reliable enough. For shippers with time-sensitive cargo (like perishables from Central America to Asia and Europe via South Florida, as examples) an air-only or an ocean-to-air service has the best options.


 The international air transport network has a wide range of services for the needs of different customers. This includes good relationships with GP carriers, carrier operators, practices and logistics.

This ensures that your goods arrive safely. Those fragile and sensitive packages are much safer in the hands of freight services.

Reduced warehousing

When the delivery of packages is faster, small businesses will rely less on storing local supplies. Outflows and business flows force the companies to deliver in anticipation. 

When cargo can fly fast, inventory control becomes more natural. This is a huge advantage in adapting to trends and seasons.

Low premiums

With shorter transport times, the average air transport charges are lower than the other modes of transport. 

The less time your goods spend on the road, there is lesser risk of losing them. When there are fewer hands handling your packages, the less risky there will be for theft, tampering and the like.


People find it much of a hassle when flying and dealing with security, the strict regulations and screenings benefit the air freight shippers immensely.

Cargo receiving areas and air terminals are highly monitored and secured, limiting the risk of theft and damage. There is also less handling and less time required for transit. 

Locations served

Most remote locations are serviced fully by air. Airlines can provide air cargo services to nearly any location in the whole world. 

In addition, air cargo consolidators can provide bi-directional links between many locations.  

This helps cargo to move quickly and frequently.


Most freight service providers are now offering web-based tracking. This can let you check  

Most air freight service providers offer web-based tracking that allows you to check the real-time status of your cargo, from destination to arrival.

Packaging cost

In air freight, cargo is shipped in very light packaging. In turn, there is reduced need for the packing materials and containers. 

You can help your business take off with freight shipping services.